Defence Procurement Summit 2016

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    Delegates List

    a sample of target delegates at the marcus evans Defence Procurement MEA Summit
    Abu Dhabi Defence Force
    Afghan Air Force
    Afghan National Army (ANA)
    Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ)
    Algerian Air Force (QJJ)
    Algerian National Navy
    Angolan Army
    Angolan Navy
    Congolese Air Force
    Congolese Army
    Congolese Navy
    Dubai Defence Force
    Egyptian Air Force (EAF) 
    Egyptian Army
    Egyptian Navy
    Ethiopian Air Force (ETAF)
    Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF)
    Ghana Air Force (GAF)
    Ghana Army 
    Ghana Navy (GN)
    Iraqi Air Force (IQAF)
    Iraqi Army
    Iraqi Navy
    Kenya Air Force (KAF) 
    Kenya Army 
    Kenya Navy 
    Kuwait Air Force
    Kuwait Naval Force
    Kuwaiti Army
    Lao People's Army
    Lao People's Liberation Army Air Force (LPLAAF)
    Lao People's Navy (LPN)
    Lebanese Air Force (LAF)
    Lebanese Ground Forces
    Lebanese Navy
    Mozambique Air Force
    Mozambique Army
    Mozambique Navy
    National Air Force of Angola
    Nigerian Air Force (NAF)
    Nigerian Army (NA) 
    Nigerian Navy (NN)
    People's National Army (ANP)
    Qatar Army
    Qatar Emiri Air Force
    Qatar Navy
    Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO)
    Royal Army of Oman
    Royal Bahrain Naval Force (RBNF)
    Royal Bahraini Air Force
    Royal Bahraini Army 
    Royal Jordanian Air Force
    Royal Jordanian Army
    Royal Moroccan Air Force (RMAF)
    Royal Moroccan Army
    Royal Moroccan Navy
    Royal Naval Force
    Royal Navy of Oman (RNO)
    Royal Saudi Air Defense
    Royal Saudi Air Force
    Royal Saudi Land Force
    Royal Saudi Navy
    Somali Air Force (SAF) 
    Somali Armed Forces (SAF)
    Somali Navy 
    South African Air Force (SAAF)
    South African Army
    South African Navy Maritime Reaction Squadron
    South African Navy (SAN) 
    Sudanese Air Force
    Sudanese Army
    Sudanese Navy
    Syrian Air Force
    Syrian Arab Army
    Syrian Navy
    Tanzania Air Force Command
    Tanzania Naval Command
    Tanzanian Army
    Tunisian Air Force
    Tunisian Land Army
    Tunisian Navy
    Turkish Air Force
    Turkish Land Force
    Turkish Naval Forces
    United Arab Emirates Air Force (UAEAF)
    United Arab Emirates Ground Force
    United Arab Emirates Marines 
    United Arab Emirates Navy
    Yemeni Air Force
    Yemeni Army 
    Yemeni Navy
    Zambia Army
    Zambian Air Force (ZAF)
    Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA)